Indian River Lakes Conservancy Trails

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  Indian River Conservancy Trails - click for larger picture 
Indian River Conservancy Trails - click for larger picture  Indian River Conservancy Trails - click for larger picture

Info: Trail system created by the Indian River Conservancy.

Directions/Location: (Also see map at bottom of page)  Take Route 37 northward toward Redwood.  At the beginning of the village of Redwood look for a right-hand road called Cottage Hill Road.  Turn onto this.  When you eventually come to a fork bear left (continue on Burns Road, the right-hand road is Cottage Hill Road).  When you come to the junction with the Lake of the Woods DEC sign bear left (continue on Burns Road).  Watch for the parking area(s) on the left further down this seasonal road.  The photos above were taken from the parking area for the first trail on the Burns Road, the trail itself is across the road.  The second parking area is for the Butterfield Lake Trail, which is approximately .6 of a mile further down the road.  There may be other trails also.

Coordinates/Waypoint(s):  44'19.599N -75'44.450W First parking area for trail on Burns Road, second is about .6 of a mile further down.

Trail Distance: Multiple trails.  First trail - unknown length.  Butterfield Lake Trail - 1 1/8 mile.

Date/Time Open: ?

Mountain Biking Allowed: Yes

Hiking/Walking Allowed: Yes 

Cross-Country Skiing: ?  Likely not possible.

Fishing: Yes.

Pets Allowed: Yes.

Built on Former Railroad Bed: No.

Special Instructions: Some of these trails can be fairly rough.  The seasonal road to get to these trails might be hard to travel in the winter.

For More Information: Contact the Indian River Conservancy.



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